A bit about Lugano Translations

Lugano Translations was born in Switzerland, the country with four national languages. Switzerland is a confederation of states with different cultures, different cuisines and different people, and this confederation has been around since the year 1291. For this reason, the Swiss grow up with the desire and ability to converse with people of other cultures and traditions. This can be seen to this day, with their role as intermediary in many leading international organizations, as well as being home to the headquarters of most leading governmental and nongovernmental organizations.


The Swiss are also known for precision and reliability. Swiss precision can be seen in its world-famous watches, as well as its diagnostics and its (sometimes obnoxious) reputation for always being on time, while its reliability been world-renowned, as seen in its history with banking and security.


Lugano is the biggest city in the Italian part of the Switzerland (with Zurich being in the German part and Geneva in the French). I grew up in Lugano, and, with Lugano Translations, I wish to bring this world famous Swiss internationalization, precision and reliability to each and every one of our translations.


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