Article: Debt-ridden translation agency says it can’t pay its freelancers — but still recruits them | CBC News

“I’m very angry that people are being asked to work still,” said Dharminder Bhatia, a Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu and Russian interpreter who is owed more than $13,000 by Able Translations for work he did in 2018.

What was once one of the largest translation agencies in Canada says it’s so deep in tax debt it can’t pay hundreds of thousands of dollars owing to its freelance workers — but it is still soliciting them to take on new work.

And in another blow to its bottom line, embattled Able Translations lost one of its biggest clients earlier this year in the wake of revelations about its financial delinquency, and has closed its once-thriving headquarters in a business park west of Toronto.

The developments are just the latest in a string of bad news for a company that was once a darling of its industry, with contracts to provide interpreters and translators to hospitals, insurance firms, Fortune 500 companies and every level of government in Canada.


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