Our Services

We are living in a new world.

In this world, the Internet brings us closer together and there are no physical boundaries.
Broke students are able to communicate for free and live in more comfort than kings and queens of past centuries could ever dream of, which breaks down economic boundaries.
And people of different races can take turns being elected heads of state in a peaceful manner, so we are, definitely and permanently, breaking down racial boundaries.

The final boundary that remains to be broken is language. A kid who grew up in Thailand and a kid who grew up in Chile will have listened to the same music, watched the same movies, tried the same types of food, used the same devices and traveled in the same vehicles. In other words, they will often have more in common with each other than they have with their own parents. But they will not be able to tell each other about it.

We at Lugano Translations aim to break this final boundary. We provide quick, precise and useful translation services, no matter what the need. We are breaking the boundary of language, one misunderstanding at a time.

Ask about our Small World Packages! These are packages for Small-Medium sized Businesses that wish to Expand Abroad. They include translation/localization of your marketing material, currency/regulatory help, general planning, etc.
Acahi Translations is now Lugano Translations!
We work with law firms, financial institutions, market research agencies, government agencies and federal courts, among others.

Business translations

Financial statements, Tax forms, business correspondence, etc.

Legal translations

Contracts, correspondence, citations, patents, articles of incorporation.

Marketing material

Marketing pamphlets, brochures, online marketing, books, commercials, brands and logos.


Translation and localization services. All translations can be performed via text, Excel or HTML, and always take cultural differences into account (trans-creation and localization), in addition to linguistic accuracy.


Essays, theses, biographies and more.

Commercial & Private correspondence

E-mails, letters, other forms of correspondence and communication, all translated in the strictest of confidence.


From newspapers, journals, blogs, etc.

Other Services


With or without translation. We provide editing services for theses, dissertations, books and various other forms of documents.


With or without translation. We provide transcriptions of audio and video files.


We provide revision services for your translated documents that do not pass muster. If you need a professional eye to ensure you have the correct translation, we’re here to help!


Sometimes you need more than a translation. You need to make sure your text suits your market. We provide localization services for all sorts of content.


We can proofread your translated documents to ensure fidelity to source text, as well as fluency.